Print in a paperless world

Print in a paperless world

It’s no doubt that in this ‘paperless’ age that the majority of marketing campaigns comprise primarily of digital executions… Interactive websites, email newsletters, SEO, google adwords campaigns, powerpoint presentations, digital documents and flip books to name a few. Electronic media is undoubtedly powerful, quick, easy, cost effective and visually compelling. Despite this, printed materials are essential tools in the overall marketing strategy and create another channel to market your business or project.

So why invest in print collateral?

Print is tangible: A printed item is a tangible object. Highly effective and necessary as a leave behind – an item your clients will hold on to and keep. It proves useful after a sales call in the decision making process and at networking events and trade shows for business to business marketing.

Print is timeless: A printed piece with timeless design and layout is a proven medium that will stand the test of time. Rapid updates in technology can result in your cutting edge website and electronic collateral looking tired and dated.

Print is attractive: Lets be real, we still like to hold physical publications and read them. Print also attracts your attention when you aren’t looking for a particular service or product and can result in the printed item being stored and referred to when its needed. Effective print with the right key messages drives prospects to visit your website, blog, facebook and twitter. 

Print is never forgotten: Printed collateral and products aren’t forgotton in email in-boxes, deleted or blocked by spam filters. Your clients will have a permanent reminder of your business, brand and message. Think outside the square with innovative stationery, branded office products and stylish printed gifts.

And so the next question arises, deciding on what to print…