It’s time to make people fall, head over heels in love with your brand. Yes, I mean, that warm and fuzzy, butterflies in the tummy, can’t live without you kinda love. Wouldn’t it be just amazing if you could make people feel this way about your brand?

The biggest challenge most businesses face is getting their name out there and having it stick in people’s minds. That’s where the tactile object, in this crazy online world, sticks. Using promotional products and branded merchandise is a great marketing tool but ONLY if executed correctly. By that I mean, if you produce a clever item that oozes your brand personality, speaks your values and tells your story, then your on the right track to making that emotional connection… and that’s powerful stuff! We all love getting a little freebie every now and then – particularly one that we can’t keep our eyes and hands off!  

Like it or not, promotional products and merchandise increases brand awareness. If any of you have ever received a cool pen, a funky USB, a delicious pack of mints, chances are you’ve kept it in your bag, at home or left on your desk, and after using it for long enough, you’ve probably realised the name on them has started to stick in your mind without even noticing it. Trust me when I tell you, that with the right branded product, you will shake up your industry and your brand will be remembered. After all, we all use groovy items daily right?

The beauty about promotional products is that it’s the most creative marketing tool you can use. If you think outside the box and go crazy with quirky branded items, you’ll WOW your customers, you’ll be different. You will stand out like one of those flashing neon signs you just can’t NOT look at. Give a product that will make people feel great, one that will make them WANT to call you when they need your solution.

Don’t stress too much if you’re budgets are small. You can promote your brand and get noticed on a “church money” budget. There are thousands of uber cool products out there under the $3 - $4 mark.

Here are a few little secrets on how to get massive exposure and keep that phone off the hook:

1) Make sure the product you send out aligns with your business personality and values, and resonates with your client base. Think about your target market and what items your customers will want to use and keep around. For example, if you’re a gym owner wanting to drum up business, you wouldn’t be giving people a desk item. Hand out sports bottles or a free branded towel. Something fitness buffs would use and get excited about.

2) Source products that reflect your brand, campaign or event. Think about the style of product, design, colour and materials. Will it represent your brand and what it stands for? For example, if you’re hosting a high end event and need gift bags for the attendees, invest in a premium quality Cotton or Canvas bag, not a flimsy thin plastic bag. If you’re a luxury Boutique Hotel, provide your guests with gorgeous designer soaps. You get the idea. 

3) Get organised for the year and make sure your promotional products are part of your marketing plan. When doing this, remember to keep it fresh! Producing a staple marketing product is super important but also don’t forget to shake it up a bit. If you’ve sent them a Notepad 6 months ago, send them an arty farty keyring or a fancy desk calendar next time.

Have fun with it. Connect and inspire your tribe with gorgeous branded products and make them fall in love with you! Get them excited!

If I’ve left you super pumped about sourcing something different, feel free to dig deep through our burrow. You never know what you might find ;) Oh and did I forget to mention that our website displays only a limited range. For any products you don’t see on there please give me a call. We have access to MANY great products and gifts

Over and out until next time Beautiful people

Your product Guru,

Marie xx