Let me guess – All the ladies in the audience immediately stopped scrolling…and you’ll be glad you did! In saying that, to all the gentlemen out there, don’t look away because this will also get your tongue wagging.

I’m so super excited about the new bag that’s hit the market, I almost feel like the crazy bag lady myself! I just had to tell you all about it! Juco is the new Eco-friendly bag that looks and feels amazing over the shoulder, is awesome to print on and brings a touch of class to any brand. It’s a combo of Jute and Cotton which gives it a smooth finish compared to the rougher Jute look. The cutest thing about it, is that it also comes in a mini size perfect for events and corporate gifts! I mean, what more could you want in a bag. Oh and did I mention, you don’t need to order thousands of them. The minimum order for these little beauties is only 100 bags and that’s with your brand on them! Outrageous!

I’m sure you’re all aware that pretty much every industry from corporate through to retail is in need of a branded bag at one stage or another and there’s one MAIN reason why! No matter what the business, how big or small: It’s the easiest way of promoting brand awareness! It’s not only going to be used at your event or to be taken home…. it will stick around for a lifetime. Who would’ve thought, your brand could be exposed to thousands of people a day from a promotional product as simple as a bag.

It’s the stylish alternative to a plastic bag! It can be used to carry your lunch in, take to the gym, use as a grocery bag …… should I go on?

It will last a lifetime, your tribe will fall in love with it and it will become part of their world.

Get carried away and check out our fabulous Juco bag, along with all sorts of other promotional bags on our website. Enjoy!

Over and out till next time Beautiful people.

Your product Guru,